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3 Reasons Why You Should Wear Cufflinks

3 Reasons Why You Should Wear Cufflinks

Posted on 9 February 2018

You may be wondering:

Do cufflinks have a place in a man's wardrobe?

The answer would be a resounding yes. Sure, you can wear button cuffs, but then you'd just be like every other guy on the street.

Do you want to be like every other guy?

Cufflinks are an extremely underrated part of a man's outfit, quite unlike a watch, where any grown man is likely to invest in a watch with his first pay cheque. We think it should also go into a proper cufflink, preferably one that you can use for almost any occasion; it's a whole lot cheaper than a watch too.

Here, we present 3 simple reasons why you should wear cufflinks.

1. Carry a bit of history

Did you know that cufflinks were preceded by ribbons?

In the 18th century, when men often wore thick coats, usually made of rougher materials, the collars and cuffs of shirts served to protect the skin around the neck and wrist areas. Then, ribbons were used to fasten the shirt collars and cuffs but cufflinks were also used. However, they were primarily adorned by aristocracy and made of precious stones and gold - it's not hard to see why.

Subsequently, men's clothes evolved into more conventional suits and jackets/tailcoats in the 19th century. Underneath, the stiff, starched shirt further underscored the formality of these outfits worn by the growing middle class. Due to the stiffness of the shirts, buttons on the cuffs were difficult to use and thus cufflinks became increasingly popular. Furthermore, the industrial revolution provided the platform for mass manufacture, especially those made of more common metals and stones.

Today, they still serve the same purpose as it did a century ago - decorative and somewhat functional (we'll get to that in a bit). From brass and plated metal to gold and sterling silver, there are a wide variety of cufflinks available. Some novelty cufflinks are even made of unique materials like wood, meteorite or even a mini circuit board.

We like our cufflinks understated and elegant, and Tom Pigeon has creatively paired brass/copper with Formica, a largely industrial material. The resulting Form Square Brass/Black and Form Circle Copper/Grey are minimalist cufflinks that look polished despite its industrial components.


2. Look like royalty...

or just sartorial and sharp if that isn't your thing. Looking like royalty should probably be reserved for actual royalty or for Halloween, but sartorial and sharp could go a long way to impressing the future wife or boss - some might say both. Also, while there's no such thing as a bad occasion for a suit, our tropical climate might dictate more practical means of dressing up. Imagine those poor folks suffering during summer in the 19th century?

Ditching the suit for just the shirt doesn't stop you from looking good but it might be a little more difficult when the (corporate) work place frowns upon most kinds of jewellery, like necklaces, earrings, bracelets etc. So how does one display his own personality or stand out? Cufflinks are certainly the most visible and acceptable forms of jewellery for a man in the work place.

You could channel your inner royalty, without actually going over the top, by taking a leaf out of Edward VII's book, who was known as an arbiter of fashion in his time and wore his cufflinks with Fabergé eggs. These mini glass enamel creations are exquisite and opulent but go for the understated - but no less exquisite - versions from Codis Maya. Hand-painted glass enamel adorn the surfaces of the Daisy Lilac/White and Turtle Lemon/Emerald and have a solid sterling silver base. These cufflinks exude quiet sophistication that even royalty might wear.


3. Just because you can and should

Earlier we mentioned that cufflinks are somewhat functional, but isn't a shirt with button cuffs more functional? Some men forget to wear their cufflinks when in a rush or worse still, misplace them when they remove it. Not so functional or convenient now right?

Yet, we still think more men should wear french cuffs - suit or not - because cufflinks simply take your outfit to the next level. Even more so when men these days shun the suit and tie at work; you can show you mean business even without them. The difference between button cuffs and french cuffs might seem indiscernible - to some - but these little details matter. 

Take your wedding day for example; do you want to be seen with button cuffs underneath that impeccably tailored suit? Some think that a tailored suit is all that matters but when your other half has invested so much in a gown and everything else for this once in a lifetime (we hope) event, you should make an equal effort to look just as good as she does. Or maybe just a little less.

Also, we mentioned earlier that unlike a watch, you don't have to break the bank when you accessorise your outfit with cufflinks; they also look equally stylish and sharp. If this isn't sufficient reason to wear cufflinks, we don't know what is.

These onyx cufflinks from Codis Maya make an excellent, complementary option to your tuxedo or suit and also comes with a separate stud set. Alternatively, the Gold Mother of Pearl offers a little more flair with its slightly iridescent surface when paired with a navy or grey suit. For the same reason why you get a tailored suit over an off-the-rack one, you should wear cufflinks instead of button cuffs. Furthermore, there are engraving options available, which is perfect for commemorating the big day. Engrave your initials or hers, or even both.

With cufflinks for any budget, you should get a proper pair for yourself; they also make great gifts you can be certain your recipient will wear. If done right, cufflinks elevate a man's outfit, and his confidence. And we think style and confidence are prerequisites for the modern man.

So what are you waiting for? Take your style and confidence to the next level today.


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