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4 Gifts She Will Surely Like

4 Gifts She Will Surely Like

Posted on 14 February 2018

This is a problem most men have:

Is there a gift I can get her that she will like and use? Something that will see the light of day?

It's a perennial question men face and finding a gift each time a special occasion arises must feel like a battle you cannot win. If it's not too common, then it can't match her usual outfits. What do you do?

So we did the work for you and spoke to several women. We asked them to take their pick from our selection of gifts "For Her". What matches it, when it can be used, why they like it - here are some of the opinions from the lovely ladies we approached.

Men, you can finally stop being clueless anymore, with a little help from us. Here are 4 gifts that will put an appreciative smile, with a hint of pleasant surprise, on her face.

1. PB 0110 AB 31 Black

C: I would bring this to work since it can fit my personal and work phone, along with my wallet. I might have to bring less in my make-up pouch but I think it can work. It seems like the perfect size to use for a special event like a wedding, and black is very versatile and would easily match any outfit. The adjustable shoulder strap/handle is very creative! Women in their 30s would probably appreciate the simple and classy design - I know I do. 

S: Screams understated class and masculine chic. The leather feels really luxurious; you wouldn't think it but it feels like my Céline Belt bag actually! The perfect size for everyday work since it can be flung over my shoulder when in a rush.


2. Tom Pigeon Form Circle Necklace Brass/Blush

W: I think the necklace would go well if I'm feeling a little playful and wore a white summer frock or a cute grey romper. Might even make me feel younger than I really am with that dash of pink. The dual tones are really refreshing!

S: Simple with a pop of colour to brighten up any outfit, particularly a white top or dress! It's a lot more interesting than your usual one-tone gold or silver necklace.


3. Tom Pigeon Form Circle Bangle Brass/Midnight

J: It looks really sleek and classy; I especially like how the black contrasts well with the brass. I can see myself wearing it to both work or events like weddings. You know, I think the black makes the bangle really easy to match with almost all of my clothes!

T: It looks really simple but the clean design appeals to me. My outfits are generally single or dual-colour and in light or monochrome shades, so black provides a neat and subtle contrast. The polished brass looks elegant and sophisticated too. The earrings complete the look and are perfect for me.


4. La Portegna Olivia Sol

W: Perfect tote for the weekend, really roomy to put all my stuff and I carry a lot. The red lining on the strap is a nice touch and the workmanship looks great! I've got this grey dress that I wear pretty often and I can see myself pairing the dress with the Tom Circle Necklace Brass/Blush and this tote.

B: Definitely can carry this to work since it's so spacious. I think I can fit my cardigan, laptop, bottle and all my other personal belongings. The warm brown leather looks luxurious as well and I can already see the compliments coming! Weekend-worthy too.

Editor's notes:
If there's anything we took away from speaking to the women, they really love items that are versatile. Something that easily transitions from work to play goes a long way. You get bonus points if it matches her usual outfits. If you don't know her usual outfits (that's one question we can't answer for you), black and pink seems to go with anything. 

Take a look at our entire collection of gifts just for her; we are pretty certain she will like it, otherwise you can always return it - for free!


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