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Introducing: Tom Pigeon

Introducing: Tom Pigeon

Posted on 10 October 2017

Tom Pigeon is a creative studio founded by Pete and Kirsty Thomas in 2014. Arising from the desire to create things they themselves would like to own, they hope that other people would enjoy the simple things - including prints, jewellery and stationery - they make. It is this simple philosophy that has led the likes of Barbican, Tate Modern and Selfridges to work with them to create bespoke collections and unique collaborations.

The husband and wife duo are guided by simple principles in their design process. They work through their inspirations and ideas until it crystallises before refining it, questioning it, playing with it a little more before eventually finalising their design. They either work to turn their design into a physical object on their own, or work with other people who can do what they can't to get it done. Through this, they ensure that they work only with the finest craftspeople to ensure the quality of the goods they create.

To that end, the Form collection is about minimal, geometric jewellery inspired by mid-century modernist art and architecture. The simple aesthetic might not seem like much but precision, focus and attention to every last detail is necessary to turn precision-etched brass or copper and Formica laminate into cufflinks.

Precision-etching is done by a family-run business on the West Coast of Scotland while a local cutter cuts the huge Formica sheets. 3 jewellers polish and file the metal pieces, as well as clean each tiny section of Formica in their Fife studio. They then handcraft each piece in the collection, bonding brass/copper with Formica, filing, finishing, polishing, waxing and boxing with amazing attention to detail.

The ability to meld two seemingly disparate industrial materials - brass/copper and formica - into beautiful jewellery is testament to the creativity and vision of the duo.

Taking their architectural inspiration further, the strong lines and hidden angles of Brutalist architecture inform the Béton cufflinks. As popularised by Le Corbusier, Béton originates from the French term, Béton Brut, or Raw Concrete.

It is quite evident in the three intersecting bars that form the cufflink. Yet something supposedly so raw is transformed into an understated and polished objet d'art, offering a subtle hint of elegance without calling too much attention to itself.

For both the Form and Béton cufflinks, to convey refinement in such minimal form is an art in itself - something to be appreciated. And perhaps, these mini art pieces could soon find their way onto the cuffs of your shirt. 


Credits: Curbed (Punjab and Haryana High Court)



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