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Welcome from Silverkris!

Thanks for taking a look, whether you’re passing time on your flight or in the lounge. And just for you readers, use the code KRIS10 (expires 30 Sep 19) to get 10% off any product found below and within this collection as well as get 2X Premium Points

KAPITALGOODS is a culmination of our desire and journey of discovery for exceptional goods that go beyond the brand’s name. To be able to bring our discoveries to your doorstep is nothing more than a delight to us.

More than just a catalogue of goods with timeless and understated designs, we also seek to celebrate the craftsmanship behind our goods and espouse the merits of using only the best materials. Goods should be made to last—it should definitely not be made to last for two years—and perhaps, to be handed down to the next generation. Hence our tagline:

Timeless accessories, exceptional craft.

La Portegna Fat Carter Sol
From $955.00 - $990.00


Whether it’s the 100 over steps necessary in making a single Anderson’s belt or the painstaking process of handpainting each pair of Codis Maya glass enamel cufflinks, the uncompromising approach to craftsmanship comes right to the fore. Such efforts rely on traditional artisans with decades of experience in family-run or small workshops, ensuring that craftsmanship is not merely a buzzword but a cornerstone of the manufacturing process.

Codis Maya’s signature glass enamel cufflinks best embody the spirit and endeavour of craftsmanship. Other than handpainting the intricate designs with meticulousness, skilled artisans with more than three decades of experience have to first carve the initial mold design by hand. The intricacies could possibly be replicated by machine but even so, such exquisite skill is testament to the dexterity and artistry of the artisan. Concomitantly, to consider these elaborate and usually manual processes as unnecessary is to overlook these time-honoured methods that have been refined and passed on from generation to generation.

We seek to celebrate the craft of the people responsible for producing such fine goods.


From the natural look of full grain, vegetable-tanned leather to the refined elegance of hallmarked sterling silver, our brands have chosen to craft their products from these exceptional materials. It’s their uncompromising belief to use only the best, not only to enhance the beauty of their products, but also to ensure it will be made to last.

Fumagalli uses in-house Italian silk for their ties and pocket squares; could you imagine substituting silk for polyester? For one, silk ties have a better drape and structure, and look far more elegant than polyester ties. Furthermore, using polyester would not do justice to these hand-stitched ties and pocket squares.

Then, consider that full grain and top grain leather (interested in knowing the difference?) is but merely a difference in millimetres yet full grain leather has more natural beauty and is more hard-wearing than top grain leather. If you appreciate the natural patination of your leather goods, you’ll be pleased to find that full grain leather wears in better with time as well. Even more so if the leather is vegetable-tanned, as opposed to chrome-tanned. To ensure quality control, Lotuff produces their own leather in-house. Raw hides are soaked for months in pits dug in the ground and further processed in drums using natural vegetable tannins if dyeing for colour.

We admire beautiful crafted products but we also believe they should be made to last and possibly passed to the next generation.

Codis Maya Bow Rhodium
From $155.00 - $170.00
La Portegna Madison Black
From $1,035.00 - $1,070.00


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